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Cecil Space Port

Generation Orbit first to fly from CSP

NASA announces a Super Hero Robot!

SpaceX Falcon 9 Grass Hopper Attempts landing back on floating platform. Almost!

This site is the unofficial site of the Westside Cecil Space Port. It has been created to promote the future of Space Flight and to provide up-to-date information
on the progress of Space Flight on the WestSide of Jacksonville.

In 1943, this piece of property was named NAS Cecil Field in honor of Commander Henry Barton Cecil, a Navy pilot who died in 1933 in the crash of the famous dirigible, Akron(shown on the home page).

Over the next 50 years, NAS Cecil Field was one of the most important training grounds for Naval aviators who flew during WWII, Korea, Vietnam, a variety of conflicts throughout the Cold War, and during the first Gulf War of 1991. In 1952 NAS Cecil Field was designated as only one of two master jet bases on the east coast. It became like a second home to A-7 Corsair pilot who later transitioned to FA-18 Hornets, as well as to other aircraft carrier based jets, including the S-3 Viking.

In 1993, NAS Cecil Field was recommended for closure by the President's Commission on Base Realignment and Closure, and it was officially closed by the Navy on September 30, 1993. The following day it reopened for business as Cecil Field Airport for public and commercial aviation use. It also serves as a general aviation reliever airport, helping to relieve the aircraft traffic congestion from nearby Jacksonville International Airport, located roughly 15 miles northeast of Cecil Field Airport.

Now CecilSpacePort on Jacksonville's Westside is being developed to support the future of air travel.

Can you imagine going coast to coast in just one hour. Get ready because in the next decade this could be a reality.

Wouldn't it be nice to rename Normandy Blvd to Normandy SpacePort Drive! Hope you enjoy this site!!!

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